Goodbye, Summer!

Goodbye, goodbye, tomatoes!

Goodbye, ice cream!

Goodbye, grass!

Hello, fall,

With your pumpkins and gourds decorated on the steps.

I will miss you, summer,

But I know you are coming again.

When you do come, I will be ready with tractors getting ready to mow the big fields,

And the barbecues for roasting hot dogs,

And the chiminairs crackling in people’s backyards.

Now there will be fires roaring in people’s houses,

And as the air gets cold,

I know summer is going to end.

Goodbye, summer,

I will miss you,

As my hockey team gets ready to play.

Summer is a long way away,

And I have so many cold months to get through,

But one day the weather will change again,

And I will know summer is here.

I’ll say, “Hello, summer!  Welcome back!”

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Summer!”

  1. hi Luke,
    What a wonderful post.
    It seems to be a nice poem about changing the seasons.
    Actually our life divided to seasons with different colors, senses and natures.
    What are your plans to use the benefits of different seasons ?
    be happy

  2. I loved your poem! You did a great job writing about all of your favorite summer activities. Summer will be here again. Love, Mom

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